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that PESTS can inflict.

Unrivaled experience servicing the community of Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains enables Creepy Crawlies Pest Control to provide the perfect solution to your PEST problems.

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Marcel & Mathew pride themselves in the quality of service.

Speak with real people, not recorded
messages or call centres. Local tradesmen who value your business.

The Pest Control you require will be carried out by highly skilled TAFE qualified technicians Marcel and Mathew.


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Creepy Crawlies Pest Control provide a range of termite control services.

Importantly only products that have been proven to be environmentally friendly have been selected to be used by Creepy Crawlies Pest Control.

TERMIDOR Termite Control

TERMIDOR® for termite control is available in two formulations, Termidor Dust and Termidor Residual, the perfect combination for both inside and outside your home, to ensure complete termite nest elimination and full protection from future termite attack.

TERMIDOR accreditation scheme is the first of its kind and has positioned BASF as one of the most professional and responsible manufacturers in Australia.
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REKON Termite Treatment

The ReKon Termite Treatment System is the perfect solution for the early detection, monitoring and treatment of termite colonies. The ReKon System provides you as a home owner, a unique termite monitoring and baiting system. It has been designed in Australia for Australian conditions and with its special features you are able to accumulate termites in an environment that they feel safe to feed in, ReKon can be inspected and treated with minimum disturbance with numerous treatments.

TermX Reticulation System

Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world, and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in Australia. The CSIRO has calculated that 1 in every 5 homes is attacked by termites with an estimated costs to homeowners valued at over $200 million in Australia each year.

There are over 300 species of termite in Australia, or which about 15 are likely to cause damage of any economic significance.

Termite will often damage materials they cannot digest such as plastic, rubber, insulation or mortar. Primarily this damage occurs when the indigestible items are encountered in the termites' search for food.

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