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General information

Head-body 165-205mm
Tail 185-204mm    
Weight 95-340grams 
Gestation period 21-22 days  
Litter size 5-10
Numbers of litters per year 5-6/year

The roof rat is onbe of the three introduced commensal rodents in Australia and is believed to have arrived with the First Fleet. The speciecs has now spread over much of Australian coastline, inhabiting urban, agricultural, commercial and industrial environments.


Roof rats are variable in colour from a rare balck colour to grey or grey brown above a whaite or pale grey belly often with a yellowish tinge. Roof rats are very agile climbers, and are often found nesting in trees, roofs and wall crevices. Although common above ground, roof rats are exceptional burrowers and can create extensive, although shallow burrow systems around walls, orchards, and river banks.

The roof rat can carry and transmit many diseases including salmonella and leptospirosis and are also notorious for spreading the fle responsible for carrying the bubonic plague, killing thousands throughout Europe in 1665. They are distinguished from other rodents by their long tail, large ears and slender - sleek appearance.

Creepy Crawlis Pest Control have the ideal solution to Roof Rats