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There are two species of possums that are commonly encountered as a pest to the householder. That is the Ring-tailed possum and the Brush tailed possum. Both of these have different appearances and characteristics.


The Ring-tailed possum is short headed with a pointed muzzle, short round ears and a tapered tail, the terminal three-quarters of which are pale. 
This possum resides along coastal Australia from Queensland to South Australia. On the other hand the Brush tailed possum is often found where there are many trees. It feeds naturally on buds, fruits of trees, shrubs and also bread, cake and fruits. It lives commonly in areas from northern Queensland to South Australia and is the species most commonly found.


Possums naturally live in the cavities of trees but when their natural nesting sites are removed they venture into roof voids through broken tiles, damaged eaves and displaced ridge capping. It is whilst they are in the roof areas that they are a concern for homeowners. They make noises at night, urinate and defecate on ceiling plaster, causing stains and odours. Chimneys also appear to be favoured sheltering places.

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